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Vijay Mallya 'meeting' with Arun Jaitley: If FM knew of his plan to leave, why didn't Indian govt prevent getaway? Featured

Three back-to-back statements and clarifications from absconding liquor king and alleged fraudster Vijay Mallya and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley about their unofficial encounter at some place in Parliament (which both agreed that it happened), raises some serious questions. Mallya said he met Jaitley and told him to facilitate a settlement deal with banks and, more importantly, also told the finance minister that he was leaving for London.

Jaitley was quick to dismiss any official meeting with Mallya, but has confirmed this unofficial encounter at Parliament. Hence, let's take what Mallya has said at face value during his corridor talk and examine the context of this case:

For sake of clarity, this is what Mallya said. "I happened to meet (Mr) Jaitley in Parliament and told him that I am leaving for London... I did not have any formal meetings scheduled with him," Mallya said.

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Last modified on Thursday, 13 September 2018 12:19
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